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DynAlign Founder Craig Foster and Golf Channel Champions Tour Learning Center Producer Jay Radsavicz at Pebble Beach

PGA Tour Proven

The DynAlign dynamic pre-shot alignment technique has been used to produce two #1 rankings for a year of putting on the PGA Tour. Putts inside 5': 98.32%, 595 attempts, 585 putts made. Putting from 3': 100%, 592 attempts, 592 putts made.

DynAlign pre-shot routine stabilizes moveable joints for a stable arc stroke.

Like the aim of an archer after stretching a bow, the DynAlign pre-shot routine aims the putter after removing slack between the joints.  By reducing slack in the joints, the club and golfer become more of a single assemblage for more consistent arc stroke motion and increased clubface control.

The benefit to the player is that increased control over clubface alignment allows for more attention to application of force and distance control during a stroke.

Steve Elkington Makes Eagle Putts Using DynAlign On 18 Saturday And Sunday - PNC Father/Son Challenge 

Click Below For A Short Video From Steve Elkington Why He Prefers The DynAlign Dynamic Pre-Putt Routine For Putting  

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GolfAidReviews.Org interview with Max Maslov and
DynAlign Founder Craig Foster


Steve Elkington Demonstrates Three Variables In Putting And DynAlign In The Video Below  

DynAlign For Putting - Static vs Dynamic Alignment
Learn the DynAlign Stable Arc Stroke
  Stability of aim and stroke allows the player to focus on distance control during the stroke rather than both aim and distance control.
The DynAlign produced stroke is also low maintenance and requires no training aids.  It acts as it's own stability training aid when you play on the course.

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Video Interview - Parbreakers Golf Academy With
Bernard Sheridan

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Putting is the recommended starting point when learning to apply the DynAlign pre-shot alignment technique to your set-up. Putting is the simplest form of the DynAlign technique.  After you understand how the putting technique works, and  become comfortable with the feel of your address position, you can move to chipping without wrist hinge. There are more choices for chipping than putting, which can add variations for trajectory.  The next step is pitching with wrist hinging. The final step is to learn to apply DynAlign to full shots, where you will have choices for both trajectory and spin axis control.

Dynamic pre-shot alignment can increase a golfer's control of clubface angle at impact for all types of golf shots. For putting, it can produce a stable arc stroke for more consistent and accurate results.   For chipping and pitching, it can produce a shot with your chosen trajectory and shot direction. For full shots, it can provide a cure for slicing and lead to increased control over intentional draws and fades at a chosen trajectory.