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Stable Arc Stroke Without Training Aids Putting & Chipping

Lean about key checkpoints in your set-up that can lead to a more stable, repeatable, and low maintenance putting and chipping stroke with the DynAlign dynamic pre-shot alignment technique.
Golf putting machines and robots don't require a pre-shot routine before every shot. Once the hinges have been set, a putting machine can make repeatable motion putt after putt.  Golfers have more joints that effect club motion than the lever arms of a putting machine.   DynAlign can show golfers how to benefit from firming up some of their movable parts to optimize the connection of golfer to golf club during the DynAlign pre-shot routine.
A putter face can be more reliably aimed on a target line once there has been a reduction in the range of motion of some of the moving parts that connect  golfer and golf club.  DynAlign can show how to do that, and how to have a stroke that is more accurate, repeatable, and low maintenance.


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#1 Dynamic Short Game Pre-Shot Alignment Method in Golf
  Dynamic Pre-Shot Alignment
Dynamic Golf Motion


 Static vs Dynamic Alignment

“When you see a fine player making little individual movements of his feet or his knees or his shoulders as he settles into his stance, do not mistake these for empty gestures of nervousness. And they’re not movements, either, that precede his arriving at a static, fixed position. What he’s actually trying to do is to feel that everything he will be calling on in his swing is in balance and poised for action.
Ben Hogan  

"All problems are solved from a stable platform."

Jack Burke, Jr.


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